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Bukhari is usually presented online in book order, so you might have to hunt for a few seconds to get the correct volume. Here are the nine volumes, with the book number at which the volume begins being in parentheses: 1 (1), 2 (13), 3 (27), 4 (51), 5 (57), 6 (60), 7 (62), 8 (73), 9 (83).

Bukhari is usually presented online in book order, so you might have to hunt for a few seconds to get the correct volume. Here are the nine volumes, with the book number at which the volume begins being in parentheses: 1 (1), 2 (13), 3 (27), 4 (51), 5 (57), 6 (60), 7 (62), 8 (73), 9 (83).Sometimes the hadith are cited with Volume, Book and Number--which makes it easier to find. The hadiths by Sahih Muslim are numbered consecutively, uninterrupted for the entire collection.

The Sira together with the hadiths make up the "the way of the Prophet." It is through Muhammad's personal teachings and actions—the Sunnah—that Muslims discern what is a good and holy life.

Details about the Prophet—how he lived, what he did, his non-Quranic utterances, his personal habits—are indispensable knowledge for any faithful Muslim.

The Quran, Sira, and Hadith together make up the Islamic Trilogy and form the perfect pattern of all Islamic behavior.

Some background for our non-Muslim readers might be helpful. Sunni Muslims represent about 85% of the world's Muslim population. There is disagreement among the various sects on some issues, not unlike theological disagreements among Christian denominations.

As we compare orthodox (that is fundamental) Christianity and orthodox (fundamental) Islam, we hope to speak to a variety of audiences, including: Let us say this also at the outset.

As noted on our home page, our organization is dedicated to exploring God through reason and evidence.But this is disingenuous, hypocritical, eternally dangerous—and is probably heretical to whichever religion one claims allegiance.On what basis does one claim to know more about the religion than the founders of the religion themselves?In fact, one of the reasons for the strong negative reaction to western civilization in Muslim countries is the influence of such practices emanating from the west. The points of disagreement touch on every important religious doctrine.Indeed, the disagreements are so severe as to be irreconcilable. Most Muslims are exceptionally gracious and peace-loving people. For example, Muslims point to Suras 109:6 or 6 which claim there is no compulsion in religion (compulsion), even though these passages are often interpreted in Islamic nations to mean that "there is no .Christians and Muslims have some beliefs in common.We both agree that there is one God who created the universe and is sovereign in the lives of men.We agree that God is the source of justice and morality.We agree that his ultimate justice is dispensed via life after death in heaven and hell.Others include Suras 0, 6, 5:8, , , , , 60:8, 109:6. Anyone who wants to commit violence has perfect justification for doing so from the Quran.While violence in the Quran is sometimes for self-defense; at other times it is open-ended aggression.


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