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1788 -1839 the first settlers arrived in Australia.It was a new beginning for them with some of them being convicts.The type of weather in your country is the type of sport you play.

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As a big sports fan myself, I would like to offer a few ways I try to keep my appetite for sports in check, and keep our home from the filthy marketing too often associated with pro sports.

Keep the game, ditch the marketing First, at our house, when viewing a game, we always turn the screen off on TV commercials.

On a personal level, sports can also take away time from family, prayer, Bible study and church-based service.

Also, much of the commercial marketing and scantily clad cheerleaders tear away at the fabric of decent family.

For example the head of state should be attained on merit not birthright and should be an Australian citizen ,who lives in Australia and knows what it is to be Australian. Is this what Australians, new and old, or of and ethnic group wants? Many new diseases are mow being introduced into Australia. CULTURE We understand the desire for migrants to maintain there culture in Australia for Australians have exactly the same desire to maintain our culture, history and traditions, and we see no reason why migrant cultures should be maintained when it is at the expensive of ours.

This goal can be achieved through Australia becoming a republic. The Republican debate so far has had a nation divided over things like loyalty to the queen, structure of a new parlament , losing our place in the commonwealth(loss of trade ,relations , sport etc) and Australian independance. The monarchist point of view is that we already have an Austra... The Australian culture is unique and we shall fight to defend it. History of Christianity in Australia Christianity first came to Australia in 1788 with the Reverend Richard Johnson, a Church of England (Anglican) minister, who sailed with the First Fleet. Gradually some Australian will be converted and Christianity would decline. According to the latest census figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are now 199,812 Buddhists in Australia. Buddhists now make up 1.1% of the Australian population. Things such as becoming better in sport or studying seems more important than becoming spiritual closer to God...All of this problem is highlighted in Australian history where respective indigenous people is be...Many believe this is no longer appropriate for Australia.It has been said that anything bad is something that was once good perverted. There is a good book on this topic by Ted Kluck called, .In the introduction, Kluck says, “This really is a collection of essays …War World II had an effect on sport and life in general everywhere, thirty thousand Australian lives were lost. Around Australia drugs in sports is happening every were. Introduction A national identity defined by Ian Mc Allister (1) is "the feeling of being associated with a national group, defined by common heritage which may be based on many attributes, the most common being race, territory, language and history. Competing untested would only result in sports" history and its future becoming a mockery, and then we would loose our benchmark to base the future performances of our athletes and that w...The teenager was aboriginal, in past he had many conviction and a lot of problem in police history data base since age of 8. According to Fleming & O' Reilly (2007: 214) Australia for past 24 years in vary report has insisted that Australian police have been promoting community policing as their vital activity. Part of doing this practice it aims to increase level of trust between police and community and specially targets those communities where trust of police in history is very low.There are probably some cool commercials we miss in the process, but so often the marketing that goes on during sports viewing is ungodly, or at least not-family friendly.I do not need to recall Super Bowl halftime shows to prove that point.Although in the early days the tough and brutal lifestyle meant survival of the fittest, the British heritage influenced and determined the types of pastimes and sports followed by Australia's first immigrants. With the vast open spaces and good weather Australia is an ideal country for sport.In 1834 bathing and formal facilities opened sporting events reflected the population growth and the diverse nature of Australia.


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