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Not sure how much use that will be in terms of uni admissions, when all other applicants will have lab experience, but check it out here: heroes.

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If it's still possible to sit a named A-Level in them, I do apologise.

Some private schools charge a big markup, but so do some state schools.

If you get away with £25 or less for a 6 unit GCE or £30 or less for a 4 unit GCE you have a bargain. I did AQA spec B, which had coursework, both at AS and A level.

I know other people on different boards/specs that also had coursework too.

Just because you aren't doing the same subject as the other candidates doesn't mean you won't go in the same room as them.

It's not uncommon for 7 or 8 different exams to be taking place in the same room at the same time - saving on invigilation costs.CIE is an international, not a domestic, exam board and very few centres (virtually no state schools) are registered with them in the UK so think very carefully before signing up to take a subject with them.However, you can add Latin and Greek to this list as subjects offered by OCR which are 100% assessed by exam.Plus whatever the outside invigilators charge, at least £30 per hour, if it's a sitting where the school won't have any other candidates.Those are the actual costs; some schools just charge that and some add an enormous markup. Also, some centres charge a registration fee of up to £100, before you get the chance to pay to take exams. As far as I can see, both AQA specifications, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC specifications all have 4 exams which suggests they have no coursework (though I haven't bothered to read the specs). As far as I can see, both AQA specifications, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC specifications all have 4 exams which suggests they have no coursework (though I haven't bothered to read the specs).but I assume you're doing A-Levels to get into uni, so do yourself a favour and take something that gets more respect.I did Gen Stu myself, found out the hard way it doesn't count for anything at a redbrick uni, and had to waste a year taking another subject instead.If you look in the Psychology help forum, you'll see people discussing their coursework too!I did AQA spec B, which had coursework, both at AS and A level.It's even harder if you need them to deal with practical exams, and coursework is pretty much impossible when they have nothing else of yours to compare against. There used to be a sticky on exam-only A-Levels, but it was wrong and out of date, so here's my list. Taken directly from the syllabus (aka specification) pdfs on the exam board sites. Subjects you can't do at all, at least in England, by just writing a traditional exam paper.Language oral tests are often possible at schools which teach that language, but they take place well before the written exam season so early registration is essential.


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