Charter School Application Essay

Currently, there are 28 charter schools operating within New Hampshire.

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Charter schools are publicly-funded independent schools and may not charge tuition.

They are considered part of the state school system and are accountable to state and federal authorities for compliance with the terms of their founding contract or charter, which often includes achievement-based standards.

However, critics argue that comparisons of overall test performance are misleading, as charter schools and traditional schools do not have equivalent student populations in terms of learning ability and special needs.

Studies comparing students who ‘won’ charter school lotteries and were enrolled with those who participated in the lottery but did not secure a place are considered a more reliable measure of comparative performance. Department of Education found that on average, charter school performance was neither better or worse than that at traditional schools.

This bill also requires charter schools to recite the Pledge of Allegience, although the bill also adds this sentence to the law: "No student shall be excluded from school related activities solely because of refusal to participate in the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem." Requires charter schools to notify parents if a student's teacher is not certified in New Hampshire, if a child is receiving services from a paraprofessional and the qualifications of that paraprofessional, and of the child's level of achievement on state assessments.

Requires all charter school teachers to possess a "valid New Hampshire teaching credential." At the time of this bill's submission, half of a charter school's teachers must be certified or have at least 3 years teaching experience.

Charter schools in New Hampshire may be founded by: All charter schools must apply for authorization, receiving approval via a local school district, a town vote, or the Board of Education.

Charters are valid for a term of five years, at which point a school must apply for renewal.

At the time of this bill's submission, current law also requires a majority of teachers, the school superintendent, and the principal to also approve of becoming a charter school.

Allows municipalities to refund a charter school for the amount of a lease payment attributable to taxes.


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