Censorship In Film And Tv Essay

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Seeing racism on television won't make children racist, because most children know that racism is not okay.Besides, most children are smart enough to know that if they see it done on television, that doesn't mean they should do it.

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As America has seen, a countless amount of people have been known to complain about censorship on television.

Although this seems to be a problem to some, maybe the real question to be asked is, is there enough censorship of television?

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Censorship helps to make our world a better place because it creates a better environment for us to live in.

Censorship is an important and essential part of television. Censorship is a major problem in the music industry because of the Charter of Rights in Canada and the First Amendment in the United States protect the artists because they both emphasis freedom to express oneself and music is a form of self expression.

First of all, it is possible to say that there can be several approaches toward the issue of such kind of regulation: The discussions on some official sites may be initiated in order to get to know the position of the public towards this issue.

In some cases, the government can pass such a law on its own initiative due to some particular circumstances or the regulations within a particular country. Let us look on the main arguments for and against the censorship on TV channels’ implementation.

Most of the 'censored' things on television are normal, everyday things that you might one day have to deal with: racism, sexual situations, death, violence, cursing, etc.

Censoring those things might be worse than leaving them on the air, because if you keep censoring them, not only is it against the First Amendment (right to free speech) but it's also not going to make these issues any easier to deal with.


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