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Greenbelt: an imaginary zone put around some cities to stop urban development and further expansion of the city.

Greenfield Site: a site which has not been built on before – these are often in rural areas such as farmland.

In addition to Environmental Quality surveys as described above which quantify the quality of the urban environment we can use a range of methods to collect information about environmental quality in a qualitative way.

Questionnaires or informal chats with the public might ask the following Use annotated photos or field sketches to make a judgement about the quality of the environment.

Questions focussing on spatial changes in land use might consider changes with distance from the centre of the CBD. Along each of the transects use a systematic sampling strategy to select locations to record land use function.

Temporal changes might involve students looking at land use within a defined area, looking at individual buildings to record their current land use, and compare with historic land uses in order to identify and quantify change.Below is a list of key words and definitions for this unit.Some of the key words have links to further definitions at wikipedia.You may wish to restrict your sample as follows: Alternatively you could record the land use for individual buildings – in this example the main shopping streets were identified from the town shopping website and these were used as the basis for the sampling strategy, recording land use of each building.An environmental quality survey uses an observer’s judgements to assess environmental quality against a range of indicators.You could photograph at whole street scenes, or focus on small details such as a pile of rubbish.Alternatively construct a checklist of things to look out for, such as buildings, road and paving, litter, dereliction, street furniture, graffiti and fly posting. Such as roads, railways, water supply, telephone system.Inner City: the area within the city or town which borders the CBD.Nucleated Settlement: the buildings in the settlement all form a cluster Old Industrial Area: an area within the city where many old factories are found which are often now closed. Peninsula: a piece of land that is almost surrounded by water Redevelop: to rebuild an area for a new use Residential Area: an area which is mainly homes (rather than shops or offices) Rural Area: countryside, where people live on farms, hamlets and small villages.This area tends to be located along canals or rivers and be near the inner city. Outer Suburbs: the area in a city which is found on the edges (periphery) of the city containing new modern housing and new shopping centres. Settlement: a place where people live; it could be a hamlet, village, town or city.


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