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However, case studies have one major advantage over blog posts: they show potential clients exactly what you can do for them.If you haven’t written any new case studies in a while (or ever), you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

How do you decide which clients to feature and what details to include? While there’s a bit of a learning curve to writing a good client case study, it’s not as difficult as you might think, and the benefits of case studies far outweigh the effort of creating them.

Good case studies are engaging, visual, and effective, all of which are top priorities for B2B content creators.

But while blogging can highlight your expertise, it isn’t going to be nearly as effective as showing real results to win new clients.

Instead of pouring all your time and creative energy into blog posts, a better approach is to focus on client case studies that showoff your marketing skills.

Here’s how you can get started attracting new clients with a marketing case study.

Case studies can seem like a bother to put together; especially if you’ve never written one before.

Case studies, on the other hand, are more likely to grab readers’ attention.

People love reading about situations like their own.

There may be certain requirements you haven't included here.

You chose to become a UX Designer because you’re a creative problem solver.


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