Case Study Methodology Advantages

Case Study Methodology Advantages-55
Case studies are used as a tool to facilitate learning on the part of the participants by the trainer in the session.Case studies portray real life situations involving decision making by participants on either a set of questions or through an open-ended discussion in the classroom.In order to demonstrate its application, it indicates its most common advantages and constraints, stressing the important role played by the researcher, who must be careful about generalizations, striving constantly for scientific rigor in the treatment of the subject.

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” (Yin, 1994) Among the possible explanations Yin considers are that people are not trained in the use of other methods, or, for governmentally sponsored research, that the difficult permission procedures required for surveys and questionnaires have made their use “a bureaucratically hazardous affair,” leading researchers to the case study method, which is relatively unencumbered by restrictions and requirements.

Identifying three types of case studies — descriptive, exploratory, and explanatory, Yin argues that the case study method qualifies as a serious research tool.

The main objective of this work is to present the case study method as a research approach and to consider issues relevant for the conduct using this method, analyzing its advantages and disadvantages that should be considered in light of the kinds of problems and questions to be answered.

Case study can accomplish many of the same goals as other methods.

This work is to present the case study as a research approach, showing that its characterization is not an easy task, due mainly to its many different approaches and applications.

It highlights its increasing importance as a research tool, exploring its origins, meanings and delineation as an investigation methodology.

It would be extremely unethical to go taking parts of peoples brains out just to make a larger sample size to use a different experimental design method.

However, as data is collected on new cases I think it is important to always refer back to previous data in order to build on existing knowledge and ensure findings are as applicable to real life as possible.

Using a “storytelling” approach, the evaluator may present the genesis of ideas, explore what happened and why, give an account of the human side of a project, explain goals, explore project dynamics, investigate particular phenomenon, and present outcomes in their complexity without being subject to the confines inherent in most other evaluation methods.

The freedom to collect multiple kinds of information makes the case study method useful for exploring ideas and constructing theories about program or project dynamics.


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