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A business analyst's core role is to understand a company's operations and goals and make suggestions for improvement.

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In particular, what’s different is how you position your skills to a potential employer.

I’ve been on both sides of the business analyst job interview process multiple times – I’ve hired several BAs and, while I was contracting, I interviewed for several BA positions.

If you are preparing for your first business analyst job interview or if it’s been awhile since you’ve interviewed, you are probably wondering what to expect.

Interviewing for a business analyst job is very different than interviewing for a more technical or domain-focused role.

We looked at their accounts receivable processes and we discovered all these issues about why we weren’t receiving as much money as we should be.” And now you start talking about how you improved the process and engaged stakeholders in the process and analyzed the process. They ’re going to be like, what I really want to know is that this person can do business process analysis or do use case modeling or do whatever it is that I’m asking them about.

That experience, that sharing of a specific example is going to build that rapport, is going to build that confidence that they have in you and your skill set. Then invited to Richmond, VA where their main campus is located. The case was quite simple, interviewer was really just looking to see if I could understand the parameters of a problem and use the relevant information to arrive at a solution.That means, they want to hear about your experience. ” with a textbook answer, no matter how correct it is, it’s not going to feel nearly so awesome and validating and confidence-building as, “You know, a business process, that’s a step-by-step workflow of how a business user completes a process or adds value to the organization.One time I had this project where we had to analyze five different business processes and they were all related and it was in the accounting department. Which is why nobody else can give you an answer to a job interview question because that textbook answer isn’t what people are looking for.As much as possible in a job interview, I think, especially if you’re having issues getting to the second interview or getting the job offer once you get a second interview, be thinking about how can you share those experiences and how can you demonstrate that you have those skills that the employer is looking for.This is going to make a difference in terms of how they come away from the interview and their experience with you as a potential candidate.The first is a knowledge-based question, which would be along the lines of, These are general questions about a specific skill that feels like they’re asking you to tell them what you know about that skill.The second is a behavioral interview question, which is, “Tell me about a time when…” This is a different kind of question because they’re asking for you to talk about your experience. I really think that for both kinds of questions, what employers are really looking for or what an individual is really looking for is to understand that you can do the things that they need you to do to be successful in that job role. If you answer the question, “Can you tell me what a business process is?Here are some of the problems that caused and the requirements process.Here’s what I did and here is what our end result is.”.


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