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Such manipulation appeared to have worked because in the 90s people were buying fuel-guzzling sports utility cars as they could afford with the prices of gasoline at an all-time low.Electric cars started to gain attention more than a decade later when oil prices skyrocketed, making it expensive to maintain large vehicles.

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Despite what happened, two decades down, electric cars are once again attracting attention and might replace gasoline cars within a decade from now or so.

The first class of people who were responsible for the death of the electric car is the consumers.

The second generation of electric cars produced toward the end of the decade was using nickel-metal or even lithium batteries, which are more powerful with a range of more than 100 miles per charge.

However, according to the film, the newly improved batteries did not get the attention they deserved as part of a plan to kill electric cars.

In California, the demand for the electric car in the 90s did not seem to exist.

The price of fuel was at an all-time low, and most users loved their sports utility vehicles for its luxury and comfort.

The first climate agreements were signed during that time, and it was against a background of general skepticism. That skepticism is still evident today, especially among the Republicans.

Therefore, selling an electric car on the basis that pollutes less did not make sense.

Their goal was to kill the car, as it was a threat to their business.

These companies used its associations that posed as consumer-based to undermine electric cars via advertising and other forms of subterfuge.


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