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Bird's knowledge and his commitment to helping his patients.

A Second Wedding Part IV - Embarrassment, Injury, Neglect, and Delusions 26. The chapters are packed with detailed cases illustrating the breadth of neurological and psychosocial dysfunction caused by the disease and show the depth of Dr.

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Thomas Bird reports his extraordinary experience of caring for over 1000 patients with Huntington's disease.

The stories provide insight into the complex and emotional situations that confront HD families on a daily basis. Bird also shows us how individuals can accept the devastating prognosis and find a level of love and fulfillment that they would not have otherwise achieved." - George Yohrling, Ph D, Huntington's Disease Society of America, Senior Director, Mission and Scientific Affairs "In this unique book, Dr.

With a brief history of Huntington Disease and the occasional scientific detail, the true heart of the book is the human experience of the disorder: · The man who cannot stay out of prison because he is addicted to being a burglar.

· Another man shoots and kills his roommate while watching television and cannot explain why he did it. Please Call the Coroner Part II - Coping Strategies 11.

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e.g.: I'm trying to find the lyrics of a song and I ask someone if they could help.


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