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A problem statement is a clear, precise, and succinct statement of question or issue that is to be investigated with the goal of finding an answer or solution (Sekaran, 2003).

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After the identification of problem, the next Once the problem is identified, the next step is to preliminary collection of relevant data/literature that can help develop an initial understanding of the problem; in case of business problems/opportunity consultation can help in comprehending the situation.

In academic research this stage can help in initial understanding of the issue to be researched, plus identification of value it has in the field of business, gaps in existing research, contribution the research can make.

A research design is the detailed blueprint used to guide a research study towards its objectives.

Business research, is a scientific investigation that involves set of highly interrelated activities, if one activity is not performed properly it will have damaging effects forthcoming activities.

Not only does literature review helps in gaining understanding of variables, it can help in identifying the research design that may be followed for a particular study, the analytical techniques, sample size and sampling technique.

A critical literature review is not summary of existing research, where author writes summaries of each article he/she read, a critical literature review has critique, it goes away from the tide, you need to cement an arguments by looking for its supporters, plus one has to look for those who negated a particular argument in their research.The article explains the steps involved in the business research process The research process starts with the identification of the issues that needs to be researched.In case of basic research conducted by academics an area of interest or some new area is identified for purpose of research.One of the problems with researchers is that they do not know what test to apply in what situation, this has been taken care off by identifying the scenarios in which the test are applicable, plus detailed examples in which the test is appropriate.Once the data is analyzed and you have the results on screen, the next step is to interpret the results, followed by its of the key issues most research face is the interpretation of the results.For instance you record pay for the respondents, and each one answers between 10000 100000, but by mistake you enter 1000 instead of 10000, this will result in wrong interpretation of results. Once the data is entered and cleaned, the next step is pursuing appropriate statistical analysis based on the research hypothesis.There are number of techniques that are applied to analyze the data.Although other authors haven’t included this step at an explicit step, but I find it important to clearly state the problem, delineating the problem with a statement can provide rich benefits.It can help in developing clear understanding of what issue needs to be resolved, it is helpful in clearly laying out the objectives, attainment of those would lead to the solution of problem.The book provides variety of examples on hypothesis, each of the tests in the book is preceded by a hypothesis that is then tested using an appropriate statistical technique.During this step the researcher identifies how the study will be conducted.


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