Business Planning And Control System

If the company has manufacturing, the information system has to include production planning.

If it is service oriented, the software has to have hourly billing and cost assignment features.

A company's data is a valuable asset and its nature can't easily be changed.

As a result, the data has a major influence on the kind of information systems that are required.

The strategies, company processes and data represent the major inputs to the planning of the information systems, but the systems themselves are subject to constraints.

The most important limitation, especially for small businesses, is the cost.Inventory is expensive and difficult to manage, and yet is an essential requirement for providing great service to customers.Inventory Management provides the tools to retain enough invento Read More SOPs involve developing a detailed, written framework which makes actions, functions and tasks more uniform and clear.An effective production planning & control system helps to maintain inventory at proper level, hence minimizes wastage.It helps to have better control over raw material inventory, which contributes to effective purchasing.A strategic plan lays out the company goals and the strategies it intends to implement to achieve them.In small businesses, such strategies often focus on financial goals and corresponding marketing plans.For efficient, effective and economical operation in a manufacturing unit of an organization, it is essential to integrate the production planning and control system.Production planning and subsequent production control follow adaption of product design and finalization of a production process.These business plans are the initial input for the information systems plan and influence the types of systems that the company will consider.Once the overall orientation of the information system is clear from the strategic plan, the business systems planning process has to look at what the company does.


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