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Alternatively, this is an opportunity to write a "company analysis" that has the same purpose as an industry analysis, but with the focus on the company.Again, the readers will be extremely well informed so everything has to be relatively new and extremely applicable to the proposed venture.However, similar agencies and publications exist in most developed countries (e.g., in Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics; in Germany, the Federal Statistical Office).

The business description includes two sections with both required and optional content.

The business concept section includes an industry analysis, the mission statement, business goals, business model, and, project objectives (optional).

In analyzing your company's industry, be honest and don't exaggerate.

Nothing will turn a potential investor away faster than opening claims that are not credible or an industry analysis that is off target.

Business Concept Business Model: Products and Services What Is the Business Description?

The business description describes the nature and purpose of the business.

The products and services section is a concise description of what the business will sell or deliver to the customer.

Business Concept The business concept section gives the reader the big picture about what the business will do and how it will succeed.

An industry analysis defines the industry in which the business will operate (e.g., retail, information distribution, financial services) and uses reliable and objective data to show the future prospects of the industry and, by implication, the business.

Sources of information for the industry analysis include research companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Standard & Poor's Investor Services, and the Risk Management Association that publish business directories and industry surveys.


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