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The difference between short, medium, and long-term objectives is the time frame of each, and the implication this has on the nature of the objectives.

The difference between short, medium, and long-term objectives is the time frame of each, and the implication this has on the nature of the objectives.

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These objectives will therefore be broader, can be reviewed and may need to be amended with time.

An example might be to relocate to brand new premises of 20,000 sq ft by March 2021.

I now have a team of people working for me in the back office and I’ve doubled my turnover – all as a result of having clear, focused objectives which I reviewed and became accountable for.

However, it is imperative when setting business goals, whether they are short-term or long-term, that they follow the principle of SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound, if they are to be truly effective.

That is why we've compiled some examples of short-term business objectives here.

What's more, when setting business objectives you must always keep the long game in mind. And while your day to day work might seem impactful it will not be in a long run.

Setting short-term objectives for a company is even harder.

As they must be very clear, practical, and easily understandable for employees.

This is what I did this for each dimension, setting objectives in every area.

These varied from sourcing the right talent, to establishing operational processes, to improving conversion rates for marketing and sales.


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