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Whatever stage you are at, here are some key points you need to consider before you apply for an SBA loan.If you are ready to write your SBA business plan, then you can use these points as a simple tick list to make sure you have everything in order before getting started writing your SBA business plan.

Whatever stage you are at, here are some key points you need to consider before you apply for an SBA loan.

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The following are the nine sections of a traditional business plan identified by the SBA: The following is a collection of sample business plans.

While current business owners may think they no longer need a business plan, a business plan can be of immense benefit if used properly throughout the life of a business.

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Not only should you have a business plan when you apply for a loan, you should have a business plan to set future goals and to plan for contingencies.

This is the exact template I use when creating custom business plans for my clients. You can get this plan today and save time and headache in creating your SBA Business Plan Whether you decide to write an SBA Business Plan yourself, you search for an SBA business plan template, or you hire someone to write a business plan for you; you need to know what information is required in order to get yourself prepared.

If you are going to use an SBA business plan template, then you need to know your numbers.

This will need to account for previous trading figures if you are an existing business; the income statement, cash flow projection, and balance sheet will need to be in order.

You will also need to outline the market figures along with any growth potential.


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