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The business plan shows them that you’ve thought through every expense and every possible scenario: It provides them with a complete description of your plan – and why and how it will succeed.

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An executive summary includes things like a mission statement, proposed concept, how you will execute on the plan, overview of potential costs, and the anticipated return on investment.Describe the existing conditions in the market sector that your restaurant will exist in, as well as in the specific location or area that you plan to open the restaurant.This section should cover things like the growth of the local economy and industry, existing restaurants in the area, ongoing or upcoming infrastructure projects, nearby business and residential areas, and average foot and car traffic counts in the area.1.Compare the existing market conditions to your intended target market.Potential restaurant investors will look at this section of the business plan carefully to make sure that the market in the proposed location aligns with the ideal customer profile.3.It both introduces and summarizes your entire idea.This section should introduce the key elements of what will be discussed throughout the business plan.Competitive Analysis What other businesses are in the proposed area?This section should explain the existing competitive landscape: Share the number of other restaurants in the area, paying particular attention to restaurants with similar concepts.Identify specific tactics you will rely on before and after the restaurant is operational.Perhaps you will rely more on public relations and advertising before the restaurant opens and then pivot to social media, loyalty programs, building a customer database, and four-wall restaurant marketing once the business is operational.


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