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These interviews set out to answer three basic questions: Why do most startups fail, and what you can learn from these failures?Of those that do succeed, what’s their secret sauce?When you talk about presenting something to the investors, many people typically imagine creating a business plan and walking into a room with hefty document files and slides containing summaries of that information.

Sure, there are plenty of resources where entrepreneurs can go to learn more about VCs and top entrepreneurs, where they share their inside knowledge in order to enlighten and educate.

And, as mentioned, there are an increasing number of options for funding: Incubators, company builders, accelerators, VCs, angels, crowdfunding portals, beneficent grandmothers, and more.

There’s a lot of money floating around Silicon Valley right now, and it’s becoming easier and easier for entrepreneurs to get access to the capital they need to get their companies off the ground.

Resources like Angel List are trying to level the playing field, and facilitate conversations between founder and investor, and the passage of the JOBS Act will alter the landscape for early-stage companies by giving them access to crowdfunding from the masses.

As hard as the media and others work to reveal the goings-on behind the scenes, as Chris Dixon points out, most coverage doesn’t reveal 90 percent of the relevant information.

This is true not just of funding announcements in tech publications, it’s true of panels at conferences, interviews, video, and more.

There are even charity initiatives like the ones launched by Exec and Motion To Dismiss Cancer that give a select few access to top entrepreneurs and VCs.

At a very fundamental level, the venture capital business is being reshaped.

But, in terms of how one should build a founding team, or how one should pursue business ideas to best serve innovation — change, inspiration, product-focus — all these just become buzzwords without context.

Illuminating this stuff was part of the motivation that led Mike Arrington to create Tech Crunch.


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