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Your real estate business should start the same way.

And how the 3 priorities will help me achieve my big overall goal.

There are only so many marketing ideas and concepts you can put into your business plan.

When your starting out, you need to focus on getting your first 10 clients to say yes.

You need to find 10 people that want you to be their agent. You need to get short, small wins before you tackle big wins.

Knowing who you are up against, and how you are better (or worse) than those you will be competing with, will help you to set strong goals for seizing opportunities, boosting your strengths, and improving your weaknesses. Be as specific as possible, and don’t worry if you’re not sure how you’ll execute.

What do you want to achieve in your real estate career? Your real estate business plan should be a living document, changing as your business and your abilities grow.Your real estate mission statement is quite simple. ” It should clearly define your purpose and include your specific value proposition or the benefit you provide.SWOT is a standard acronym used for business plan building.The next section of your real estate business plan template asks you to discover 3 priorities that can help you hit that goal.This is where you focus on things like social media marketing, postcard canvasing, farming techniques, and email marketing.At the end of the day, it comes down to execution on these ideas.And the execution really does differ if you’re just starting out.When done correctly, a real estate business plan can help you define and measure your goals and keep you focused on growing your business.Think of your business plan as a blueprint for success. What steps will you take to accomplish those goals? When developing your real estate business plan, be sure to include these seven key components.Goal: ,000 in revenue by end of 2015 Priorities: Capture 100 leads per month with a website within 3 months, Prospect from 9am to 11am everyday starting now, and Send 5 piece of mail to every expired listing starting now Do you see how all of those tasks have a deadline associated with them?That will hold you accountable and help you see better results with your marketing.


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