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After all, you want your customer to be satisfied and always return.

Start a Cyber Cafe Business in Nigeria – We are in an age where using computers and gaining access to the internet is paramount.

Studies show that over one billion people are signed up on Facebook globally and over one million messages are sent on the same platform in a minute all over the world.

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Your feasibility study helps you write your business plan which helps you as a guide to running your business.

The business plan also serves as a statement of your business to anyone who seeks to invest in your business.It will also help you understand what others that have gone ahead of you have done, how they run their business, what you need to do to be different and better their services.The feasibility study also helps you know an overall total of how much capital you will need to raise, the best place to site your business and the mechanisms to set in place to ensure maximum service provision as well as maximal profit.Asides these statistics, the internet is used for several other purposes as it makes learning, sending and receiving messages, carrying out business transactions, etc. Business acumen thus spells out that being engaged in this venture will mean great profit as several people cannot do without using the internet daily.Owning a cyber café or otherwise known as internet cafe with the necessary auxiliaries will go long way to solve several problems in a community where it is situated and thus furnish the owner with daily profit.Rent a Shop – The next step is getting a shop that will house your café.It is best to site the shop in a business oriented area as cyber cafés are most needed in business concentrated areas.That does not mean you may not site it in a residential area.Presently, a shop goes for between #2,000 and #4,000 on the average throughout the country; this price could be more depending on the standard of living of the area you pick to site your cyber café.In Nigeria alone, statistics show that over forty five million people have access to the internet and they do this by three major means, personal computers, mobile devices and cyber cafes.I can guess that you are beginning to develop some interest in running a cyber cafe business in Nigeria, if you are, then reading this article is just the right choice.


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