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17-20 LPLE) -name search if not using personal name -registration voluntary if using personal name of proprietor - Initial declaration (REQ) -permits -personal name or business name (art. Q.) -personal , and higher volume, while custom homes are management intensive, slow to complete, but produce high revenues.

17-20 LPLE) -at least 2 associates -Name search - initial declaration (REQ) (art. This incentive program will be paid to individual site managers for the accounts they supervise.

No shareholder of a corporation is personally liable for the debts, obligations or acts of the corporation.

This type of business can be incorporated at either the federal or provincial level.

To be sucessful on business alliance, people should be considered on the alliance behaivor at all the times in order to build trust and relationship with their partners Definition of "Alliance"The definition of the Effects of Business Product Reengineering on an Organization Abstract ======== This paper deals with the effects of BPR into an organization.

The paper defines the meaning of BPR and states the basic objectives that BPR has.

A legal document, outlining specific requirements, must be drawn up for a limited partnership.

Corporations A corporation is a legal entity that is separate from its owners, the shareholders.

For specific information on how or where to register or incorporate a business, contact your local CBSC.

A brief description of each type is followed by a summary of their advantages and disadvantages.


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