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Like many small-business owners, you may not think of yourself as a writer.

So you may be relieved to know that you should devote only about one paragraph to each person you profile in the management section.

In the case of team events, all team competitors are expected to actively participate in the performance/demonstration.

Competitors cannot be replaced or substituted after the name change deadline of p.m. All competitors must comply with the FBLA‑PBL dress code.

Of course, they'll read the market analysis section – and you can expect them to linger over the financial projections section.

But if there's one section of a business plan that may carry the greatest weight with lenders, investors and potential strategic partners, it's the management team section.

Discretion here is important; you want to demonstrate to people reading your business plan that you've hired accomplished people, but you don't want to stray into the realm of hyperbole, either.

This said, after spelling out so many numbers and analytics in your business plan, the management section is your chance to expose the Thomas Cole, Director of Marketing A mass communication graduate of Illinois State University, Tom brings to us nearly 20 years of marketing experience and a proven ability to integrate best practices into emerging businesses.

Small Business Management Plan is an individual or team event with a 30-page limit for the report.

Community Service Project and Local Chapter Annual Business Report are chapter events with a 15-page limit for the report. Submission type: PDF Submission # of pages: 15 Competitors must be registered for NLC and pay registration fee.


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