Business Impact Analysis Plan

We also will be doing a lot of hoping and praying that a disastrous situation does not occur.

Additionally, when a true disaster occurs we need to understand which systems are the most critical to continuing and restoring business operations.

This is where performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is essential.

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a process that allows us to identify critical business functions and predict the consequences a disruption of one of those functions would have.

It also allows us to gather information needed to develop recovery strategies and limit the potential loss.

You’ll want to compile all the data into a single list of processes, including their tolerable downtime and impact on the organization.

Once this is completed it will be easy to identify which are your most critical processes, and thusly what systems are required to support them and need to be given top priority in the event of a disaster.

Developing these plans is a lot of work, so if you are working on developing a BCP or DRP for your organization, reach out to our team at FRSecure for help!

We can provide templates, policies, and guidance to you and your organization at any point of your BCP/DRP development project.

Will sensitive data remain adequately secured in the event of a disaster?

You will need to work with senior management to determine whether it is feasible to attempt to perform all the necessary functions in a crisis environment, or whether some functions should be outsourced to a vendor.


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