Business Continuity Plan Checklist Template

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A flood may cause water damage that requires replacement of servers and other equipment, while a fire could result in a situation where you’re forced to close down.

Your business continuity team and management personnel should understand all the problematic scenarios that may accompany a disaster, and how those situations could affect the organization as a whole. This means at any given time, you should know how much downtime costs your business.

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For an MSP, that may include document files, employee and customer records, business emails, and even select data stored on mobile devices.

Business Continuity Plan Checklist Template

If a disaster happens today, an effective backup strategy can make sure you’re back in business tomorrow – or on the same day.A disaster could literally wipe out your data center.Prepare for the worst by designating a secondary site your staff can relocate to should the primary site become inoperable.These will be natural disasters that may hit once in a lifetime, however there are others which have a higher probability of happening.Statistics show that it’s very likely to experience downtime due to: power outage, hardware or system failure, data corruption, cyber attacks or even accidental or malicious data deletion by employees.Use this opportunity to identify key processes and people that keep the business running.Make a list of all the disruptions that could potentially hinder your operations.From a loss of productivity and revenue to damaging reputation and customer relationships, the impact can be catastrophic. A comprehensive business continuity plan will make sure you stay up and running no matter what disasters come your way.Properly executed, it is the most reliable way to ensure that your operations continue to run with seamless efficiency.Be aware that you can use this as a starting point for a comprehensive preparedness plan.Disaster recovery strategies, however, will vary depending on each organization’s specific structure, systems and environments, even geographical location, as well as the severity and nature of the disaster situation.


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