Business Continuity Plan And Disaster Recovery Plan

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Business Continuity Business Continuity planning refers to the processes that stakeholders take to ensure that normal business operations can continue during a disaster.

Ideally, this plan provides uninterrupted access to data and a safe place for employees to work.

There’s no doubt that there is overlap between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery tools and planning. Companies can choose to focus more on one or the other, subscribing to a Business Continuity vs. To be completely prepared, though, having both a Business Continuity plan and a Disaster Recovery plan ensures complete coverage should the unthinkable happen.

There is a breadth of information out there that suggests these two topics are one in the same.

To execute a proper Disaster Recovery plan, all of a company’s employees must know exactly how to react if stakeholders put it into effect.

The Bottom Line Business Continuity is the first defense against a disaster threatening the proper function of business.

Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery plans typically involve getting systems up-and-running after a disaster.

Unlike Business Continuity plans, Disaster Recovery solutions involve restoring IT infrastructure and accessing copies of data stored offsite without really focusing on making a business operational during a crisis.

A growing body of legislation also requires organisations in essential areas to demonstrate a degree of organisational resilience; implementing effective business continuity measurements would be a good start.

The UK Companies Act 2006 requires directors to “exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence” when performing their duties, which includes mitigating risks to the organisation.


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