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But it’s great to have a leader kick off the session.)· Your key stakeholder, of course — the person for whom you’re developing the plan.· Colleagues of your stakeholder — for example, members of his/her team.· Subject matter experts.For example, a benefits communication plan might include the person who manages medical benefits.· Functional support.Once you’ve gathered everyone together, spend two to four hours gaining consensus on key building blocks of the internal communication plan, including target audiences/ stakeholders, objectives, strategies, tactics and timeline.

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Choose the plan format that works for you — and creates the best foundation for sharing your plan with key stakeholders Most of the time, I develop plans in Microsoft Power Point.

This familiar format can be easily created and allows me to present the plan.

A focused situation analysis builds a strong foundation for your plan.

It also helps you make a case for the objectives, strategies and tactics that follow.

When you put the business goals front and center, it helps align your activities and shows key stakeholders how employee communication will make a difference to help the organization succeed.6. Set strong objectives Objectives are the core foundation for your plan.

Identify stakeholders To help you create a communication plan focused on outcomes, it’s important to identify your key stakeholders. But objectives are the most challenging part of a plan because they require the deepest thinking, and take the most time to create.Since we want to quickly get there, we choose the shortest route.This metaphor demonstrates the mistake many of us make in communicating to engage employees: We just start doing it without having a map.How many times have you heard a colleague say, “We need to communicate this issue.I’m going to write an email.” Or: “People need to know about this policy.(However, the level of detail can be helpful for implementing tactics.) Especially when sharing the plan with busy senior leaders, I sometimes create a one-page version — often designed as a 11˝x17˝ mini-poster.Note that I almost never develop a plan in Microsoft Excel.(And studies show that planning for any business activity improves performance by as much as 30%)So, stop the car for a minute and build a compelling internal communication plan by following these 11 steps:1.Take a collaborative approach to planning When you involve key stakeholders in creating your employee communication plan, you reflect diverse perspectives and gain buy-in from crucial influencers.Consider the following questions when creating a situation analysis:· Why is this strategic communication plan being developed?· What is the current state of communication within the organization?


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