Bull Meechum Essay

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This results in tragedy when Red returns to kill Toomer’s dogs.

He kills one, but a second bullet goes astray mortally wounding Toomer, who then opens the gate letting the remaining dogs maul Red to his own death.

” Bull’s response is to bolt away, declaring ‘Jesus H. The diners who were unaware of the scam were revolted and left in disgust.

While was greeted to mostly excellent reviews when released, a small minority took issue with the film’s racial sub-plot that involves the stuttering son of the Meechum maid Arabelle Smalls.

The irresistible theme is initiated by the violin and harp, expands in full orchestral splendor as Ben re-reads the letter near the river, and then subsiding to an arresting coda.

It’s one of the most breathtakingly sublime moments in the cinema.But the film’s exquisite score by veteran Elmer Bernstein ranks among the legendary composer’s most beautiful, one to be stand with his work in in lyrical felicity and orchestral color.The sweeping beauty of the lines reaches it’s deepest resonance in the stirring sequence when Ben sits in Spanish class reading a letter from his mother that informs him that she most admires the quality of gentleness in a man, and that he has taught her the true meaning of love.Conroy purposely focused some of his attention on the racial problems of the south that were all around him in his formative years, and of how injustice was an outgrowth of sustained hate and prejudice.The friendship with Toomer, and the tragic event are all part of the coming-age process that script writer and director Carlino transcribes from Conroy’s autobiographical work.is at it’s best when it explores the potentially eruptive feelings that are often held in check, and when it examines the awkward dynamic that springs from disparate agendas.In one funny scene the spunky overweight younger daughter Mary Anne calls attention to her father’s bigotries in an attempt herself to win the acknowledgement from a father who has little interest in girls.He’s a slightly altered variation of Duvall’s own Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore from While Bull is the patriarch of a family of six, the film is basically a dramatic triangle with the wife Lillian, (Blythe Danner) a loving Southern belle who is deeply in love with Bull, and oldest son Ben, an 18 year-old who is torn by familial love for a father he is simultaneously proud and fearful of, and hatred for his cruelty and narcissistic expectation of what he wants and respects his son to be.But the young man is establishing his own personality and identity, and through some painful life lessons he finally forges his own path through crisis and tragedy.Yet, he’s an inveterate drinker and practical joker, one who’s as adverse to protocol as he is for strict enforcement of rules in the dictatorial management of his household.But Bull Meachum is no kin to the inhuman characters portrayed by Lee Emery in He’s painted by Conroy and director Lewis John Carlino as a larger-than-life mountain of hubris and twisted priority, a flawed character whose inner sensitivity is hidden behind a facade of misguided self-assurance and inflated bravado, one who calls everyone “sports fan,” issues “direct orders” and fully expects to be addressed as “Sir” at all times.


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