Branding Research Paper

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Be a big fish in a small pond.2) Develop clear and compelling messages. Ensure that you back up your positioning claims with messages that resonate with a target audience.

Provide the context of what is driving the need for your services.

After few years of experience you can choose a niche or a target group you would like to focus in coaching.

And this is the moment when you need to start building your brand as coach and as coaching business.

There are a lot of discussions if we as coaches should be focused on a certain coaching type, on a niche, or it is better to be just a ”general” coach and adapt to the client’s agenda.

Of course the answer is not black or white, I believe it has a lot to do with building the coaching experience, the more experience you have, the better coach you become and the more you understand where you are good at and how are you different from others.As an entrepreneur, you probably rely on word-of-mouth references for business development.This can be face-to-face or via the Internet (communities, social networks, blogs, online press etc.).Help your clients and others to find you online by consolidating your online footprint under your name.Marketing & branding knowledge can help a lot when starting a coaching business and also helps in the process of coaching.For every market segment, there is a set of influencers who are important to your credibility and recognition as a leader.Determine who the influencers are in the coaching industry and make sure they could help you with an introduction or endorsement.Your brand communication plan should include how you represent and message your brand.Consistency across all communication–both words and visuals–is key to branding well.It’s what others say about you that determine your reputation.5) Create your action plan.You should have a brand improvement plan and a brand communication plan.


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