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A variety of studies have shown that when people brainstorm together, they spontaneously exchange ideas that tend to grow and converge.

A variety of studies have shown that when people brainstorm together, they spontaneously exchange ideas that tend to grow and converge.

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This way, many concepts that previously could be pointed out as ‘stupid’, ‘silly’ or ‘wrong’, now have been taken into consideration and discussed.

In the end, all the meetings finished on a positive note because everyone felt free to unleash its creativity.

The concept of brainstorming includes defining a simple or a complex problem for which solution are generated different ideas that are later accepted or rejected.

The participants in the process of brainstorming present and reveal new ideas as potential solutions for a specific problem.

In fact, brainstorming was introduced as a creative technique inspired by the working atmosphere in BBDO.

Namely, during his time in the company, Osborn’s observations of the everyday work in the office took him closer to developing this creative technique.After BBDO’s employees were introducing them, Osborn noticed that during the meetings their minds were unblocked which resulted in presenting more innovative and useful proposals.The ideas that before employees kept for themselves because of the fear of rejecting now came up to the surface.On the contrary, there is an encouragement of unconventional ideas.In a company of any scale, team brainstorming that includes a group of six to eight people is optimal for generating quality ideas and proposals.Later on, Osborn dedicated himself to his work in writing and after more than 40 years in the advertising industry, he resigned from his position of advertising executive at BBDO.Brainstorming as a technique has a creative character and it can be practiced individually or in a group.Osborn was aware that the conventional business meetings he and his colleagues held didn’t include an exchange of fruitful ideas and were usually suppressing people’s spontaneity and the ability of free thinking.This inspired him to establish new basic principles of conducting effective meetings that will be based on freedom of mind and creative thinking.In this process, brainstorming helps the stimulation of the human mind towards creative problem-solving.Osborn’s approach to brainstorming and his few simple rules from the beginning until this moment have helped in solving many important issues.


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