Blanche Desire Essay Loneliness Named Streetcar

She exaggerates her (assumed) purity and innocence. We find out that both Blanche and Mitch are romantically interested in each other.

(Scene 7) Stanley reveals to Stella the information that he found out about Blanches past, from Shaw.

She also has a final last hope to find some one to help alleviate the emptiness she feels and Mitch seems to be the man until he finds out about her past.

Mitchs refusal to be with Blanche along with the ultimate act of cruelty, Stanleys rape of Blanche both increase Blanches descend into insanity.

(Scene 10) Blanche tries to fend Stanley off with a broken bottle top “she smashes a bottle on the table and faces him” .

However this doesn’t deter Stanley and he “Springs towards her, overturning the table. It is up to the reader to make up their mind as to what happens after that, but it is implied that Stanley rapes Blanche, the pinnacle of his violent state.

He comes back by saying “Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often” This is ironic as we know that Blanche HAS drunk Stanley’s alcohol. (Scene 2) Stanley believes that Blanche has been lying about the loss of Belle Reve, and that he and Stella have been “Swindled” He uses reference of the “Napoleonic Code”.

We later find out that the estate may have been lost on a mortgage, but Stanley does make a very convincing argument, trying to prove Blanche is a liar.

Upon first meeting her, we learn that she is more cultured and sophisticated then the people who live in Elysian Fields and her surname of French origin, immediately reveals her as being from the upper class of society.

She appears to be daintily dressed in a white suit with white gloves, all of which suggests purity and innocence but it doesnt take long to .


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