Berlin Wall Essay

The borders were open and people could freely move between Eastern and Western Germany.

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It represented Communist resistance to and triumph over the Nazi regime.

And the Berlin Wall’s division of East and West Berlin served as the most powerful visual symbol of the Cold War.

In the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the East German Communist Party began negotiations with representatives from the SDP, Democracy Now, and other citizen action groups (most of which had previously been part of New Forum) under the auspices of a Central Round Table that brought the main opposition groups together with Party representatives.

On March 18, 1990, the first free election was held in the GDR and transferred power to a new governing coalition comprised of Christian Democrats (CDU) and Social Democrats (SPD) led by Prime Minister Lothar de Maizière, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Union.

East Germany (GDR) played a profound symbolic role in Europe.

It served both as a foil to West Germany and, for Soviet Bloc states, as a buffer against capitalist incursion.The problem was that the West German government could not secure exit visas for their new citizens from the Communist governments in Prague and Warsaw.Faced with these mass defections, Honecker negotiated a deal with those waiting in the compounds of the West German embassies allowing them to leave for the West in sealed trains.The initial plan was that the country would eventually be reunited, but this didn't happen for a long time.The City of Berlin Berlin was the capital of Germany.Even though it was located in the eastern half of the country, the city was controlled by all four major powers; the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain, and France. The Soviet and East German leaders began to worry that they were losing too many people.Defections As people in East Germany began to realize that they did not want to live under the rule of the Soviet Union and communism, they started to leave the eastern part of the country and move to the west. Over the course of the years 1949 to 1959, over 2 million people left the country. Although the East Germans tried to keep people from leaving, it was fairly easy for people to leave the city of Berlin because the inside of the city was controlled by all four major powers.In many ways it was the perfect symbol of the "Iron Curtain" that separated the democratic western countries and the communist countries of Eastern Europe throughout the Cold War.How it All Started After World War II the country of Germany ended up dividing into two separate countries.Ruled with the iron, if aged, fist of Eric Honecker, the GDR was one of the most repressive regimes in the Eastern Bloc.Still, East Germany was not immune to the changes taking place around it.


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