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These findings pose a dilemma for the quantitative evaluation of both benchmarking and performance management systems; could offsetting changes result in null findings at the mean of the distribution?

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All benchmark study results are blinded and aggregated to ensure confidentiality.

You can access free excerpts of previous studies archived under Bringing New Drug Applications (NDA) through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process is the gateway to commercial success.

We construct a panel of the 14 indicators used to assess and compare the financial positions of North Carolina county and municipal governments from fiscal year 2008 to 2014.

We find support for isomorphism as the dispersion of several indicators declined in the post-implementation period without offsetting beneficial changes in the mean indicator value.

is designed as both a study of techniques and a practical manual, so that companies acquire important background knowledge as well as the information they need to instigate their own benchmarking programme.

Its content is overseen and written by a distinguished international editorial board and demonstrates a broad understanding of all the issues involved.With increasing importance of transparency, healthcare leaders must provide a clear line of sight into how they compensate industry thought leaders and physicians.Bio-pharma executives are being pressed to re-assess their current thought leader compensation strategies as new state reporting laws and changes to their organizations’ policies (Ph RMA code, ACCME guidelines, etc.) are being enforced.The increasing dependence of scientists on these powerful software tools creates a need for systematic assessment of these methods, known as benchmarking.Adopting a standardized benchmarking practice could help researchers who use omics data to better leverage recent technological innovations.The editors provided their unique criteria check list for the Benchmarking research articles: We encourage community members working on manuscripts that fit these considerations to submit to this new section dedicated to benchmarking.Overall, we hope that creation of this section in PLOS Computational Biology will help elevate this research activity to where it belongs: the heart of computational biology.PLOS Computational Biology is pleased to announce that we’re holding a call for papers focusing on Benchmarking in computational biology.The section will focus on publishing papers that present benchmarks that consist of input data that methods are meant to operate upon, expected output data against which tool output can be compared, a specification of metrics used to assess performance, and performance values of sets of tools that have been run through the benchmark.At the same time, access to thought leaders themselves has continued to shrink, whether in academic institutions or elsewhere.Put simply, it has never been more important for healthcare companies to get it right when it comes to thought leader management.


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