Ben Franklin Essay On Mistress

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In 1990, when first published, these views would have been considered even more extremist than they are today, and while BF might have expressed the views that CJ puts in his mouth, he surely would have done so with more facility and wit than CJ manages to muster in his leaden tongued harangue.

While some of BF's writings are rhetorical gems they are 18th C usage and would be tough going for any 21st C.

She cites his excess of meat and drink, and lack of exercise. It is a delightful series of dialogues, and it shows that Franklin is not afraid to skewer himself along with others.

hope you enjoy these writings, and that you will seek out others.

She is punished, but the respectable fathers are consistently untarnished.

In a great finale, she marries the last judge before whom she appears. mailto: In an even more explicit, and frightfully politically incorrect essay by modern standards ( but really funny ), Ben Franklin gives advice to a young man in matters of the heart and hormones.This ailment troubled him for the last several years of his life, often rendering him house-bound and in pain.In true Franklin fashion, his weapon of choice in this fight with the gout is the pen.In the Dialogues with the Gout, the disease is personified as Madame Gout.Franklin calls her his enemy, but she turns the tables, saying that he is his own enemy.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Over the past several months, I have focused on various aspects of Benjamin Franklin’s life and work. Ben Franklin wrote some of the most memorable satire of the eighteenth century.Included are "The Letter to a Royal Academy"; "On Choosing a Mistress"; "Rules on Making Oneself Disagreeable"; and other jibes.Franklin's irrepressible wit found an outlet in perpetrating hoaxes, attacking marriage and other sacred cows, and skewering the English Parliament.However, the editor of the book is a slightly wonky conservative, one who believes that we no longer have true freedom of speech & press due to the needs to be "politically correct".The collection is offered as proof of Franklin's refusal to play nice & stick to script, and his love of agitation and shit-disturbing (for good causes, usually).


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