Basketball Business Plan

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A very simple principle which is easily incorporated in to most objective planning sessions is the SMART Principle.

This acronym highlights the important essential elements of any good objective.

Successful businesses not only recognize the importance of the team but also understand how individual roles play into the overall success of an organization.

Everyone from the CEO to administrative assistants need to work together, understand their assignments and work smoothly as a unit.

What are your competitors doing in a similar situation?

What are the differences between what you offer and market leader in your field?

When interest rates are down, my business is in a better position to grow. Sure, they benefited from some lucky plays along the road to the Final Four, but good ball movement, strong defense and a lot of hustle put them in a position to take advantage of some unexpected breaks.

As a mortgage lender, my company's been thriving -- regardless of market conditions that are completely out of my control. All four head coaches in the Final Four are superstars in the coaching profession, each having multiple successful NCAA tournament runs.

Your company has advanced past the preliminary rounds, and now you’re on the big stage.

As we approach the final days of March Madness, I'm struck by the parallels between fueling a business to the next level and the Michigan State men’s basketball team’s run to the Final Four. Years ago, I was a 5-foot-9 walk-on point guard at Michigan State.


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