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The assumptions made in these documents must be reasonable and verifiable based on an analysis of similar companies. Appendix The appendix includes the full financial projections, as well as any other documentation that supports the claims made in the business plan.For example, it might include a list of key existing customers or letters from potential partners.The Product section explains all of the products and services your bakery will provide.

Your business plan is a living document, and you should revisit it frequently as your bakery evolves.

Executive Summary The executive summary is the introduction to your business plan, although it is often written last.

Clearly explain anything that makes you a strong competitor in this market, such as existing contracts with retailers, a head baker with impressive restaurant credentials, or exclusive access to award-winning recipes. Finally, stress how your bakery will meet their unique needs.

Industry Analysis This section assesses your industry as a whole, and explains how your bakery fits into the existing landscape. Competitive Analysis Your direct competitors are those who fulfill the same need for the same target market.

Is there a certain design theme you will have amongst your baked goods? Whatever it is you are doing to differentiate yourself and become a talking point for your potential clientele is going to be the most important detail of your business.

Make sure it is well thought out and articulated within your business plan.

It is just important that your reader comes away from the first paragraph knowing the most basic information about your business and if someone asked what you were doing, they could accurately answer that question in a sentence.

Next, you should highlight what separates your bakery from other bakeries.

It includes the everyday short-term processes involved in physically baking your products, managing your retail space, packaging your baked goods, conducting sales transactions, and delivering the finished products to your customers.

It also includes the long-term processes involved in growing your company, such as introducing new products or retail stores, achieving specific sales milestones, and hitting other important business-oriented goals.


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