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By fourteen twenty-eight they had Azcopotzlaco itself with the help of neighboring allies.Tenochtitlan, by the year fourteen thirty-one, with an alliance with the neighboring city-states of Texcoco and Tlacopan had become and independent city-state itself.However the program was left incomplete even when the empire fell to the Spaniards.

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Commoners: The commoners were the largest group who included priests, merchants, artisans, and farmers who held land in common with the nobles.

Serfs: The majority of the serfs farmed the nobles land.

You have probably heard about the scary and cruel rituals of the Aztecs, haven't you?

They would seem as such to any civilized person these days, but for these people, it was part of the daily routine.

Aztecs didn't rule directly over the lands they concord.

Instead they demanded tribute such as food, clothing, woven blankets, precious stones, furs, feathers, fine woods and slaves or captives.As a result these products became available in the marketplace and common in people's homes.The emperor's power came from his control of the military, wich was exceedingly large.They started as a small struggling village continually fighting with other Mexican city-states. Aztec Empire At first the Aztecs where ruled by the mightiest of the city-states in central Mexico known as Azcapotzlaco.They helped Azcapotzlaco to conquer surrounding territory in the early fourteen hundreds.The guide is broken up the research process, the ANTH 121 assignment, and selected resources by culture. The Internet Resources page was created by Diane Mc Donnell. Did you know that the downfall of the Aztec empire meant the collapse of the last Mesoamerican native civilization, and this is just one of the many interesting facts about these cruel yet fascinating people?Below them were four social classes, nobles, commoners, serfs and slaves.Nobles: the nobles owned private plots of land or shared land with other families.Now, we offer you to learn more about their religion, culture, history, and weird customs and traditions.This article was prepared by one of the leading specialists in the field of history and anthropology.


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