Audience Profile Essay

Samantha's target audience often read magazines and watch television, so she will need to make sure she advertises her products in these channels.

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This is why audience profiling is so important for companies. Here are a few steps for identifying your target audience.

First, you want to understand the people who will buy your product and why they would buy your product.

For example, Samantha will know that her target audience will be women, who represent the majority of makeup customers.

She will also want to determine if her line will attract a certain age or demographic.

We will take a look at why it is important to use audience profiling.

We'll also explore strategies for audience profiling and look at an example. First of all companies need to have goals in mind when they are selling a product.Audience profiling should be completed during product development to make sure the product will fit a certain audience.Also, the main reason why audience profiling is important is because it will help with marketing.For example, her line is designed for women in their forties and fifties because it focuses on covering wrinkles and laugh lines.This is not a product that a younger woman or teenager would necessarily need to buy.To recap, companies need to know to whom they are selling in order to be successful.An audience profile is a way for companies to determine that target market of consumers.Next, you want to understand a need or problem your target audience has for which your product could be the solution.For example, does your product provide a solution to receding hair lines that men in their forties are looking for?You can look at demographic information, buying patterns, and motivation for buying.For example, a target audience could be single men in their thirties who make more than ,000 a year.


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