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… Attila the Hun Attila the Hun had a very complex life since the moment he was born.

Attila was probably from an Asiatic tribe that the Chinese called Huing-nu, also meaning "common slaves." He was from a royal bloodline that provided…… Attila was called the Scourge of God or King of the Huns.

He was given the nickname “Scourge God” because of his ferocity.

During the twentieth century, “Hun” was one of the worst name you could call a person, due to Attila.

At around the time of Attila’s birth the huns before him destroyed the Visigoth and Ostrogothic realm’s.

After these great victories the huns made a nordic kingdom.They would conquer many villages and tribes on the way to the border of the Roman Empire.Rumors were widespread of the savage horseback riders that were conquering everything that stood in their way.He managed to capture and hold a vast amount of land at one time, expanding the Hunnic Empire.Ruthless and aggressive, Attila craved power and no obstacle was too great to interfere with his goal of ultimately becoming sole ruler.In 444, Attila, the Hun's 100,000 soldiers terrorized both halves of the empire.His armies attacked and destroyed 70 cities in the eastern empire and swept into the west and headed for Rome in 452 A.Attila lead his group of barbarians into great victories and terrible defeats.One of the greatest know feets was their trip to the Roman Empire.He and his men would slaughter families for their money or their women.After a battle he would sometimes sexualy abuse women and sleal everything they have.


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