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They’ve steered Holocaust legislation — regarding commemorations, education, monuments, museums, reparations, and war crimes — through Congress, state and foreign legislatures, and the U. America has special Holocaust and Anti-Semitism envoys.Diminishing/denying the Holocaust is a crime in many European countries.The leadership accused Christian Armenians—a population of almost two million, most of whom lived in what is now eastern Turkey—of sympathizing with Russia and thus representing a potential fifth column.

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The first course of action would fulfill the wishes of the one-million-strong Armenian American community, as well as many historians, who argue that Washington has a moral imperative to use the term.

government, for its part, still finds itself wriggling on the nail on which it has hung for three decades: Should it use the term “genocide” to describe the Ottoman Empire’s actions toward the Armenians, or should it heed the warnings of its ally, Turkey, which vehemently opposes using the term and has threatened to recall its ambassador or even deny U. access to its military bases if the word is applied in this way?

Jewish/Israeli/Turkish media have penned millions of words confirming this.

JINSA’s Yola Habif Johnston confessed in 2006 that AIPAC, AJC, B’nai B’rith, and her organization “have been working with the Turks” for more than 15 years.

In September 1916, Jackson sent a cable to Washington that described the burial grounds of nearly 60,000 Armenians near Maskanah, a town in today’s northern Syria: “As far as the eye can reach mounds are seen containing 200 to 300 corpses buried in the ground pele mele, women, children and old people belonging to different families.” By the end of World War I, according to most estimates of the time, around one million Armenians had died.

Barely one-tenth of the original population remained in its native lands in the Ottoman Empire.Demanding Holocaust legislation while thwarting recognition of another genocide is hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy.“The Holocaust,” says Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, is often “an instrument of policy, not a moral compass.”Beginning in or before the 1980s, Turkey sought help against critics, including Armenian and Greek Americans, of its human rights abuses.Turkey’s then-ally Israel enlisted Jewish American organizations into defending Turkey.“The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing.” ADL was similarly guilty.In 2007–8, Massachusetts’ Armenian Americans confronted the ADL.Three years ago, ADL finally recognized the Armenian Genocide but merely on a “blog.” And its pledge to boost Armenian resolutions remains unfulfilled. In Turkey’s propaganda film , AJC Director Barry Jacobs illogically claimed the Armenian massacres couldn’t be genocide since the Holocaust was “unique.” Jewish jurist Raphael Lemkin, however, coined the word ‘genocide’ in 1944 and cited the Armenian massacres as a seminal genocide. AIPAC, revealed Turkish journalist Sedat Sertoğlu, once threatened House Speaker Dennis Hastert he’d lose “Jewish votes” if an Armenian Genocide resolution succeeded.Jacobs once cruelly boasted that AJC’s stance on the Armenian Genocide was “b AJC board member and Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan once maliciously compared an Armenian Genocide resolution to designating a state cat. Shimon Peres, AJC Executive Director David Harris is Jews’ “foreign minister.” Harris and AJC are allies of Azerbaijan (Turkey’s corrupt, repressive ally) and its Armenian-Genocide-denying tyrant, Pres. AJC’s “Democratic values for all” motto rings hollow, especially as Harris proudly accepted the tyrant’s coveted “Order of Friendship” award. S.,” declared Aliyev, “is the Jewish community.”Indeed, Boston-based Rasky Partners officially represents Aliyev’s brutal regime. Shimon Peres pushed President Clinton into stopping the resolution.Hundreds of principled Jewish and non-Jewish activists, scholars, journalists, and organizations throughout America and internationally approved of the Armenian-led campaign. Numerous Jews and Israelis have sympathized with Armenians more than have many Christians.Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Lexington, Medford, Needham, Newburyport, Newton, Northampton, Peabody, Somerville, Watertown, Westwood, and the Mass. Though Israel won’t acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, the Knesset’s Education Committee wants it to. For example, in 1993-2002 the ADL settled two lawsuits and paid compensation to San Francisco after — among innumerable illegalities — spying on thousands of civil rights, labor, progressive, Democratic, Black, Latino, Arab, Asian, Jewish, anti-Apartheid, and LGBT organizations and individuals.Leading statesmen of the time regarded the deportation and massacre of the Armenians as the worst atrocity of World War I. Because the United States had remained neutral during the war’s early years, dozens of its diplomatic officials and missionaries in the Ottoman Empire had stayed on the ground and witnessed what happened. The statement condemned the Ottoman government for “crimes against humanity,” marking the first known official usage of that term.In July 1915, Morgenthau cabled to Washington, “Reports from widely scattered districts indicate systematic attempts to uproot peaceful Armenian populations.” These actions, he wrote, involved arbitrary arrests, torture, and large-scale deportations of Armenians, “accompanied by frequent instances of rape, pillage, and murder, turning into massacre.” At the other corner of the Ottoman Empire, Jesse Jackson, the U. consul in Aleppo, watched as pitiful convoys of emaciated Armenians arrived in Syria.


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