Argumentative Essay On Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

However, before the murders start happening, we already know of the absolute nature of Hyde’s characters through the use of an, especially out-of-date plot contrivance.

We know Hyde is evil simply because of his appearance.

The left-brained Jekyll overpowered his right-brain urges which lead to the creation of the second persona.

This secondary persona starts off as the weaker of the two but eventually grows stronger.

The one-dimensional Hyde is not a separate personality; he is an enhancement of a side of Jekyll.

And Jekyll’s final note testifies to his faith in this interpretation of simple contradictions in personality as Bible-forged absolutes.“I was driven to reflect deeply and inveterately on that hard law of life, which lies at the root of religion.”Now certain in his religious convictions, Jekyll informs us that he recognizes the truth of this evilness within himself.“That thing was not my master, and there’s the truth…My master is a tall, fine build of a man, and this was more of a dwarf.”The two mindsets seem to contradict: humankind is judged by God and born with evil in them, and yet evil is also a separate thing, an extra physical cancer.But perhaps that is precisely the point, given the onset of temptation, cancer can grow within us, as Christian morality would have it.This explains that the evil Hyde completely takes over the good Jekyll side because it was hidden for so long that it needed to be expressed. Hyde’s intention was to be able to live his passions freely and to fulfill the evil inclinations that live in his mind without any moral restraints or limits. Jekyll feels this is the best way to stop Hyde from committing anymore evil events. Jekyll would permanently be Hyde forever and he did not want to be framed as a murderer. When Jekyll reveals his “evil side,” he literally metamorphizes.The meaninglessness of the statement “looks evil,” which repeatedly returns in the text, does not occur to the nineteenth-century mind, and we are led to believe that, simply because Hyde is a hunchback, he is evil.“He gave an impression of deformity without any nameable malformation…the mere radiance of a foul soul that thus transpires through, and transfigures its clay continent.”Even Jekyll’s own butler is beset with this image-as-evil as if the only worthwhile people are those born without deformity.The coexistence of an evil and a good soul in one body presents many problems that occur in the future. Jekyll is soon overpowered by the evil nature of Mr. Good and evil can no longer be separated in the body. Trying to kill off the Hyde in himself is not an easy task for Jekyll to attempt. Hyde does but he cannot control the dominant Hyde who is becoming stronger. The alter ego is a part of who he is and he cannot destroy that part of him. Elaine Showalter states, “The dominant side of the brain represent[s] the dominant gender, and the other repressed gender” (3).


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