Argumentative Essay Against Bilingual Education

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This is because children are always willing to discover and learn something new without any barriers or stereotypes.

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It is up to everyone to decide whether this type of education will be effective and help him/her to become a qualified specialist in this or that field of study.

Overall, bilingual education proves to bring more benefits in terms of pre-school education as little children tend to master languages better than adults.

First, sometimes the language integration that takes place in the course of bilingual education basically makes a person lose a connection with his/her native culture.

On the one hand, a person learns to think broadly using several languages, but on the other hand, the language knowledge is dispelled.

Here, the main task is to create proper conditions for students to understand intercultural language environment better.

Furthermore, bilingual education has recently become part of some of the pre-school establishments around the world.This means that a student will learn to cope with difficulties better.Nevertheless, some people are against bilingual education for several reasons.Furthermore, bilingual education improves thinking abilities and helps to master the art of analysis.Bilingual educational programs help a person to avoid being faced with a language barrier or misunderstanding.Such countries as Germany, France, Finland and Austria continue to actively contribute to the development of bilingual education in the pre-school environment.It is considered that such education will be more effective if it is introduced to children at an early age.In some cases one of the languages may be the one used by ethnical minorities.Furthermore, bilingual curriculums are often introduced in schools, colleges and higher educational establishments where much attention is paid to learning foreign languages and foreign cultures.This leads to an assumption than bilingual education is recommended to be introduced in pre-school educational establishments; however, in some cases its introduction in higher educational institutions may bring more harm than benefit.There are more languages than countries in the world and as a result, being able to speak multiple languages can be a serious asset.


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