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So if you are a resident, your chances of being admitted to a Texas university are Public Texas universities offer automatic admission to students in the top 10% of an accredited Texas high school. For this cycle, you need to be in the top 6% of your class. You can go through the college application process with much less stress, knowing that you are going somewhere.application actually lets you list more activities than the Common App activities list does!Admissions officers use your answers to learn more about where you grew up, the resources your schools provided you with, and how you compare to your peers.

News flash: not every college accepts the Common Application.

While trying to add a Texas school, you might notice that it’s not there!

Be strategic in how you classify your activities and how you organize your lists.

Arrange the order in each section by impressiveness as well as importance to you.

For some colleges, you have choices about which application system you can use, and is another online college submission system specifically for certain Texas schools, similar to other platforms like the Common Application or Coalition Application.

Apply Texas Essays For Transfer Students Benefits Of Legalizing Weed Essay

As one of the biggest states in the country, Texas provides many higher education options, especially for its residents.

allows enough space for a couple of words, so be very straightforward and use powerful language.

If an extracurricular activity is very important to you, you can consider using one of your essays to elaborate further. However, you are not allowed to describe your job; you only input your employer, hours per week, and the dates that you worked.

has so many different categories, think critically about where each activity belongs.

A good rule of thumb is that if you got paid for your work, no matter how limited, place this experience in the job section. These essays usually ask why you’ve chosen a certain major or how you hope to contribute to campus.


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