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The systems were all shut down, they were running out of oxygen, they were freezing to death, and they lost their guidance.

On the day of the launch, Jim, Jack, and Fred, the crew of Apollo 13 was off to see the moon.

Apollo 13 was so close to landing on the moon, but there was an explosion.

Even though Jim Lovell wasn't able to set foot on the moon, he was glad he was back home to see his family.

Not too long after the mission, Gene retired and Ken took his place.

By doing so, would increase their chances for ultimate survival, which in this case, would have been the safe return back to Earth.

This ability for the three men to norm their behavior together, in a time of considerable chaos and uncertainty, would allow them to align their performance levels to the points needed for success and safe return.

With Lovell and Haise, they would have already been through the forming process together and as such, would have grown more accustomed to one another, than they necessarily would have been with the new addition of Jack Swigert.

The storming phase would be most apparent between Swigert and Hase, with Lovell serving as the intermediary.

As the leader of the group, Jim Lovell would execute his role with great strength.

From his documented experience in previous missions, he would come to be the more legitimate answer to the question of providing the strongest leadership.


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