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Although peer-reviewed scholarly publications remain central to the profession, the APA applauds philosophers’ contributions to public policy, to consultation with government, medical, business, and civil society institutions, and to public opinion in general.In addition to discouraging discursive footnotes, the Journal regards split infinitives and grammatical infelicities inconsistent with Fowler’s Modern English Usage (2d ed) as aberrations that will not survive copy editing. Please note that where a passage is cited reference to a page, or sequence of pages, should always be given.Articles should be submitted as Word files, not as PDFs. The encourages authors to ask themselves whether there might be significant but under-recognized papers or books by women philosophers, or philosophers from other under-represented groups, that were overlooked in the course of writing their papers and/or assembling their bibliographies.Public philosophy presented or published outside of standard academic venues has evident value as external service to the profession and/or community.But we also urge institutions to consider broadening their standards for evidence of excellence in research and teaching and to consider whether their faculty’s work in public philosophy is more properly counted as contributing to these latter categories of faculty evaluation.The aims to publish papers reflecting the diversity of scholarship in philosophy, our mission precludes publishing papers concerned chiefly with pedagogical matters or papers that address concerns in the profession.This is not because we doubt the importance of pedagogical and professional issues, but because we are endeavoring to provide an open venue for scholarly work in philosophy. General enquiries may be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, Professor John Heil.Public philosophy is done in a variety of traditional and non-traditional media.Public philosophy can be especially valuable when it reaches populations that tend not to have access to philosophy and philosophers.The American Philosophical Association (APA) has issued a statement supporting public philosophy and urging philosophy departments to consider recognizing work in public philosophy not just as service, but also, when fitting, as teaching or research.Here’s the statement: The American Philosophical Association values philosophers’ participation in the public arena.


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