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Ap Us Essay Outlines-62
Going into the test, you will need strong background knowledge of the time periods and geographical areas on which you will be tested.Your documents will always relate back directly to the major subjects and themes of your class.This can be AP US History or the AP European History or the AP World History.

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When going through the documents, try to identify the author, his/her point of view and try to figure out the reason behind that point of view. Your essay should show a perfect understanding of the various documents you have been given.

You need to cluster the documents and it should reflect at least two times in your essay.

You need to take your time to look at these documents and try to figure out the main idea in each document, determine how they relate with the prompt, and how the documents are related to your temporary thesis.

While doing this, try to make some notes on each document.

This is usually several pages long, but can vary based on the nature of the argument, class the DBQ is for, and how much the individual can write in the time limit.

This is an essay question subjected to every student doing AP History exams.

The key to success is to analyze the provided documents and use them to support an argument in response to the essay prompt.

While DBQ tests are rigorous, they allow you to actually do historical work instead of merely memorize facts.

Don’t stress, put on your historian hat, and start investigating!

While there is no set length, your response needs to be long enough to cover all of the required sections while maintaining a cohesive argument.


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