Ap Psychology Intelligence Essay

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Psychologists who study thinking explore questions like these. What is intelligence, and how does it vary from person to person?

Are “street smarts” a kind of intelligence, and if so, how do they relate to other types of intelligence? These questions and more will be explored in this chapter as you study thinking and intelligence.

Yet, you don’t notice most of your brain’s activity as you move throughout your daily routine.

This is only one facet of the complex processes involved in cognition.

Contextual Sub-Theory – Intelligence is a Culturally Defined Concept. Experimental Sub-Theory – Intelligence deals with Learning new Tasks and Associating with Old Tasks. Componential Sub-Theory – Three Types of mental Processes that Intelligent Though Depends on. Analytical Intelligence – Abstract Reasoning, Evaluation, and Judgment. Creative Intelligence – Ability to Generate new Ideas and be Inventive with New Problems. Practical Intelligence – Ability to deal Effectively with Kinds of Problems people deal with in Everyday Life. Tacit Knowledge – What One Needs to know to Work Efficiently in an Environment that is not taught or Verbalized.

Ap Psychology Intelligence Essay

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Twin Studies are Best Way to Study Role of Heredity in Intelligence. Identical Twins are Closer Related in Intelligence than Fraternal Twins.

Heritability Ratio – An Estimate of the Proportion of Trait Variability in a Population that is Determined by Variations in Genetic Inheritance.

Cumulative Deprivation Hypothesis – Environmental Deprivation led to Predicted Erosion of IQ Scores. Flynn Effect – IQ Performance has been Rising Steadily all Over the Industrialized World Since 1930’s/ v.

Heredity Sets Limits for Intelligence, Environment Determines where Individual Falls in These Limits. Reaction Range – Genetically Determined Limits on IQ. Average IQ for Minority Groups is Lower than Average IQ for Whites. Explanations are Heritability, Socioeconomic Disadvantages, Stereotype Vulnerability, and Cultural Bias on IQ Tests. Arthur Jenson – Argued that differences in Cultural IQ Scores had somewhat to do with Heredity.


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