Ap English Language And Composition Compare And Contrast Essay

Nightly reading will often be paired with exploratory journal assignments that will serve as a starting point for our in-class dialogue.

These assignments may include free writing, annotation, response/reaction paragraphs, and imitative exercises.

Unit I: The American Dream v Paired readings: “Chicago,” Carl Sandburg (poem) “Find Work,” Rhina P.

Espaillat (poem) “The Cry of the Children,” Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poem) “Mammon and the Archer” by O.

The AP exam covers British and American literary works, spanning the 16 century.

Over the year, we will read novels, short stories, plays and poems, with the goal understanding the works’ complexities.

Students can expect roughly 20-25 pages of active reading each night.

Active reading requires annotation, critical thinking and, oftentimes, re-reading.

Students will also practice responding to sample AP free-response essay prompts. All major writing assignments will go through multiple stages before they are complete; expect to submit an outline, rough draft and final draft for each.

These timed essays will be graded on the 0-9 AP scale. Students will complete peer reviews and participate in writing workshops and teacher-student conferences to aid in the editing process.


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