Antigone Individual Vs State Essay

Many reproductions around the world per year, many only minimally adjusted to fit the conditions of the time and area reproduced.Just recently Syrian refuge women reproduced the original Sophocles play, using it to reflect on the civil war and the people in the middle of it all—civilians.Moral and Political Law in Sophocles' Antigone In Sophocles' play Antigone, the tragedy is brought by the conflict between the moral laws and manmade political laws.

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Their laws must be followed because gods are superior amongst all human beings.

The moral laws which Antigone values are essential in this case because Kreon shows many negative qualities which make him appear as a tyrant king. Kreon considers that a state belongs to the most powerful man, which in this case is him.

In fact, God is only mentioned a few times throughout the play.

In my analysis I will frequently reference Sophocles’ Antigone as a comparative element in order to understand the frequent reproduction of Anouilh’s play.

He says: "Nations belong to the men with the men with power.

That's common knowledge."- Pg.50 lines 888-9 He assumes that he is always correct and is inflexible.

Along with Anouilh, writers and dramatist across Europe expressed a renewed fascination with Antigone and “it is perhaps no surprise that at the centre of the largest political upheaval the Western world had yet to see, Antigone was centre stage, embodying the base components of all humanity– rebellion, war, and conflict.” The large amount of reproductions begs the question; why is Antigone still relevant and enduring?

While there are many factors which contribute to the modern relevancy of the play, I will discuss just two which appeal greatly to post-enlightenment thought.

He also has a different emphasis which allows the play to fit within a secularized society by removing the aspects of “divine fate” which was heavily present in the original.

It still deals with fate, but not according to divine fate where your life is at the will of the Gods.


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