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His faults do not necessarily stem from a lust for power, for he often has noble intentions.

He is completely loyal to the state, but is subject to human weakness and poor judgment.

Athenians, and particularly Thebans, were sensitive to the idea of tyranny and the fine line between a strong leader and a brutal tyrant.

Creon is in many ways a sympathetic character, but he abuses his power subtly - mainly by decreeing man's law as a consequence of divine will.

These three conflicts are very closely related, but this crude set of pairings helps to untangle some of the central issues of the play.

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Antigone and her values line up with the first entity in each pair, while Creon and his values line up with the second.

The play entitled Antigone was written by a man named Sophocles, a scholarly author of philosophy and logic.

The play Antigone is probably one of the most prominent interpretations of a tragic drama.

The freedom of Greek women was extremely limited; the rules and strictures placed on them were great even for the ancient world.

Antigone's rebellion is especially threatening because it upsets gender roles and hierarchy.


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