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The theme of the story is related to the madness surrounding the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692.Hawthorne presents the conflict between good and evil through the perspective of......“Young Goodman Brown Moral Ambiguity “Young Goodman Brown,” like most of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s work, deals with the theme of good and evil.I helped your grandfather, the constable, when he lashed the Quaker woman so smartly through the streets of Salem; and it was I that brought your father…

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In addition, this is the title that he gives this narration, which is also a significant part in this narration.When reading “Young Goodman Brown,” I was confused at first.I had to reread the text approximately three times to grasp a better understanding of the message, Nathaniel Hawthorne, was trying to betray.Hawthorne weaves a tale, dealing with morality and human frailty, and then seems to leave it to the reader to interpret it in his own way.Young Goodman Brown’s journey into the forest may be read as a dream, as a real-life story, or as a delineation of the meaning of ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ A dream-like atmosphere pervades the entire narrative, especially those parts which are set in the forest at night.This name suggests hope for several significant things in the narration.In addition, the protagonist needs faith in order to survive the journey he takes through the forest.The was the first step of Satan’s lies affecting Brown, because Brown caused disbelief within himself, which later in the story allowed him to question his experiences, and dream about events he thought were occurring that actually weren’t.The second piece of evidence that indicates Brown fell into Satan’s lies occurs when he believes he is seeing things but has no visual evidence.There are three allegories in this protagonist’s name that have individual meanings.First, there is the name Young, which seems to suggest the innocence of his character.


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